Who Are We?

Hi! I’m Louise and this is ROGUE HOBBIES!

Rogue Hobbies is the name of my YouTube channel where I like to make silly videos about whatever I’m currently fascinated with but especially my favourite thing in the world, Miniature Painting!

But Rogue Hobbies is so much more than that!

We’re a fun loving community of very unserious hobbyists, so if you’ve found us, feel free to hang out and maybe meet some new friends!

What is rascaltown?

RASCALTOWN is my brand new miniature range!

If you love miniature painting, gribbly goblins,
cute little frogs and generally getting up to no-good then the Rascals of Rascaltown are the perfect friends for you!

All of the miniatures are designed by me, sculpted by the extremely talented Tom, and hand printed
and packaged in the Rogue Studios by Rob!

These little (but actually quite big) guys are the start of an exciting adventure for Rogues and
Rascals alike…